Cheese & Wine 2008

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Strictly speaking it was announced as a cheese, wine and pâté evening, but of course there were lots of other bits as well if you include the tomatoes, grapes, celery, pickles, biscuits, bread, soft drinks etc etc. You can get some idea from the picture below.

We had a great time with all the food and drink, and two sessions from local singers Lacrimosa, who've since changed their name to Bel'arte del Canto.

All our events need a lot of input - sometimes it all falls on a single committee member such as Anne Boneté with the outings. In this case however it really was a team effort. Obviously Margaret Tyrer and Jean Fernley took the lead, but it couldn't have happened without help from other Committee members on the night, plus Jay's wife Prue, and Margaret's friend Mary.

I didn't take too many pictures - I didn't want to distract Lacrimosa with the camera flash, and pictures of an audience either listening raptly or eating aren't always too flattering. Here's a few anyway, for what they're worth.

Here's the food before we started on it.




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