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There was a great deal of local, and even national, publicity when Lisa Hawthornthwaite was appointed to the National Trust's staff. Lisa is 'The Purbeck Cowgirl' working on her horse, herding the Red Devon Cattle on the heathland. Of course the newspapers and TV concentrated on the 'cowgirl' aspect, and mostly ignored the fact that she's highly qualified academically, as well as having a farming background.

Having grown up on her family's farm Lisa realised that the work would be much simpler if she had a proper working dog to help. The Trust's own funds didn't run to buying a dog, and so we stepped in and provided the money. The result was Eva.

Lisa came to us in July 2009 to talk  about her work. As well as being highly informative and extremely entertaining she brought along Eva so we could see a very practical result of our fundraising.

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