Knoll Beach

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We've helped to pay for a couple of things at Knoll Beach during 2010. The first was this new notice board.

This is all part of a programme to make the building here better known and used. Previously known as the Study Centre, it's now called the Discovery Centre. In the autumn of 2010 many of the trees that screened the building were removed.

The other thing that we've helped to pay for is a defibrillator. It's been installed as part of the refurbishment of the First Aid Centre on Knoll Beach. We shared the costs with the British Heart Foundation.

The Trust tell us that there are seven or eight incidents each year at the beach where the defibrillator might be used. If it saves lives it might just be the most valuable thing that we've ever provided.

This is the machine

This is it on the wall

This is the First Aid Centre

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