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One of the National Trust's aims is to explain more about the whole area to visitors, so that they have the opportunity to do more than just look at the castle ruins. Another aim is to encourage people to follow the footpath alongside the river from Castle View Visitor Centre, rather than walk along the narrow pavement of the A351, which can be quite an unpleasant experience when traffic is heavy.

We'd already paid for an interpretation board on this footpath path, showing what the old mill looked like - click here to see more about it. We then agreed to pay for some more information panels telling people about the wildlife to be found on this trail. Rather than have more boards of the same design, the Trust's staff got together with pupils from The Purbeck School in Wareham, who came up with an innovative design. These were installed at the end of 2009. The panels have different information on each side.

This is the start, opposite Castle View Visitor Centre

This is how the posts look as you approach

You have to lift the panel out to read it. I had to jam my camera case underneath it to keep it out while I took the photo. If you've got good eyesight you might just make out that our support is acknowledged; otherwise click on the picture to see a larger version

The panels continue as the path goes round the back of the Castle up to the Tea rooms


I'm not sure about the river just being 'a bit cleaner' now that the castle toilets don't drain into it.


Here are a couple of pictures taken at the formal 'opening' of the trail in February 2010, with pupils from The Purbeck School

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