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If you've ever tried pushing a wheelchair you'll know that on anything other than smooth, level ground it can be very hard work. On a beach it's impossible.

The National Trust asked us if we could contribute to the cost of a new beach wheelchair for use at Knoll Beach on Studland. These have big 'balloon' tyres to stop them sinking in to the sand. They're very expensive compared to conventional wheelchairs, partly because so few are made.

We contributed 3,000 over two years. When it's not in use the wheelchair can usually be found outside the shop and cafe at Knoll Beach.

Unfortunately, this doesn't help people who are confined to their own purpose built (often body-moulded) powered chairs.

My own teenage grandson has only ever been on a beach once in his life as his powered wheelchair, once he's in it, weighs nearly 20 stone.

Any bright ideas anyone?


This page was last updated 28 November 2013

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