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Although we're a social group, the object of our existence is to support the work of The National Trust, and the main way we do this is by raising money.

Having raised money, the next question is - what do we do with it?

The Trust recognises that Supporter Groups put a lot of effort into fundraising, and they don't really want to see their money simply disappearing into its general coffers. Groups would rather know that their money is being spent on a specific project of their choice, so that they can see that their efforts have achieved something.

The way this works is that initially each year the National Trust produces a list of projects that need funding. This may range from small individual projects on properties to large projects such as the Neptune Coastline Campaign. In addition National Trust properties may also supply their local groups with a list of projects to choose from.

In recent years we've chosen projects proposed by the Purbeck Estate staff, or by nearby properties. We believe that this lets our members see some tangible results from their membership.

Below is a list of some of the projects that we've assisted since we were formed in 1987.

Click on the symbol to see more any information that we have. I'm trying to add to it - if you're a current or former association member and have any more information, then I'd be happy to hear from you.


Knoll Beach

We helped to provide a new notice board and a defibrillator

Volunteer tools

We bought tools for volunteers on the Purbeck Estate

Corfe Castle

We bought equipment to help schoolchildren learn about stone carving, and we helped to pay for some more interpretation displays (pictures soon).

The Purbeck Estate

We contributed towards the cost of a 'Community Stall' The staff will take this to local events where they will try to explain the what the Trust is doing locally (pictures soon).


Eva the Cowdog

We bought a dog that will be trained to help herding the Trust's cattle.

Castle Interpretation Boards

August 2009 saw the installation of two interpretation boards near Corfe Castle.

Wildlife Information Boards

November 2009 saw the installation of information boards on the new Wildlife Trail near Corfe Castle.


Studland Study Centre

We decided to pay for a few more things to improve the Study Centre.


Deer Study

A study by Purbeck Estate and Bournemouth University to look at the movement of deer on the estate.

Big Bat Box

A small project by Purbeck Estate and Bournemouth University to provide more information about the bats that visit the Study centre


Beach Wheelchair for Knoll Beach

These are quite expensive, so we paid for one over two years.

Studland Study Centre

We paid for some storage boxes to improve the facilities at the Study Centre on Knoll Beach.


Beach Wheelchair for Knoll Beach

See above

Pride of Purbeck

We paid for a new bull for for the Trust's herd of Red Devon cattle on Hartland Moor.


Brownsea Island

We contributed to conservation work aimed at maintaining the population of Red Squirrels on Brownsea Island.

Corfe Castle Waymarking signs


Corfe Castle Scale model of castle

Polesden Lacy Appeal


Corfe Castle Herb Garden

Purbeck Brands Bay bird hide

Kingston Lacy Various

Earlier years

Corfe Castle Perspex cover for model

Studland Estate Trailer

We contributed towards the cost of a trailer for the Estate. This is towed by a tractor and enables the Trust to take small groups (up to about 20) on educational visits to parts of the area that might otherwise be inaccessible. We generally have two trailer rides a year for our members. Look at the 'Photogallery' page to see some pictures.

Purbeck Kissing Gate for coastal path

Purbeck Seacombe Valley stone seat

Purbeck Langton Matravers Interpretation panel

This page was last updated 15 February 2014

The Purbeck Association of The National Trust